What’s Beef?: ASAP Rocky vs Spaceghostpurrp

First the Fat Boys break up…now this. Yesterday, bubbling Miami rapper, Spaceghostpurrp, released a video announcing that he and his Klvn of Rvidxr’s no longer have any affiliation with Rocky and the A$AP Mob. Apparently there was a situation involving fisticuffs between members of the two rising camps, which seems to be one of the main reasons, among others, for the rift.

“The pressure for success can put a good strain, on a friend you ‘best’ and yes it could bring / out the worst in every person, even the good and sane.” -Jay-Z (Black Republican)

Of course Rocky & co. caught wind of Purrp’s comments and responded swiftly via, what else—Twitter. Don’t you just love digital beef? I’m sure this makes Tupac and Christopher extremely proud.

Check out what members from both sides had to say about the situation below. Hopefully Rocky and Purrp can squash this and get back to making some trill ass music before it escalates into something bigger.

UPDATE: Apparently, some folks are saying that Robb Bank$ tweeted some stuff about how he was going to kill Rocky… Shit. This may be bigger than simple digital thuggery and posturing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.truesdalien Laura Truesdalien

    Raider Klan

  • http://www.facebook.com/treyuno Darrell J. Baskin Jr.

    Hahahaha, niggas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Seth-Dunoff/1464390453 Seth Dunoff

    i wanna know what youngjay means when he says rocky “exposed himself” on the goldie behind the scenes video.

    • Lena

      building his image, all that shit…when goldie came out i was disappointed, it felt like a 180 from i ain’t talking bout no money i ain’t talkin bout no cars, talkin bout no diamonds cuz that shit is a facade. if u real why u building your brand?? wassup video was supposed to be a nightmare, like rocky didn’t wanna sell out, then he makes goldie glamorizing everything he said he wasnt about

      • Ehoyek

        Do you really think people don’t change? Who cares what he said before, this shit makes money and he’s gunna burn one and laugh at all the people not rapping about money and cars cause they don’t have it. Wiz did the same shit. Now look where he is

        • toro

          yeah, too bad wiz is a played out faggot

          • cash_stacked

            he’s still stacked tho

  • K.I.P.

    A$AP goes hard as fuck on “Get High” and “Get Lit.” so that whack ass comment about style change is irrelevant. Both of the tracks are on some trill shit. He swag was on point. Why the saltiness? Cause SGP shit don’t jam down here in the south. ASAP Rock definitely got H-Town and the rest of TX behind him. This comin straight outta the H.

    • http://itsneezy.tumblr.com Darnell Yancey

      I mean of course y’all would be rockin’ to it, if he jocking screw music and talking about “purple this, purple that.” That’s Y’ALL shit anyway, lol So that point about y’all diggin’ Rocky is null & void, bruh!


    this is fuckin stupid forreal tho . beef is dumb as fuck bruh . just quit . beef broke up NWA Biggie and Pac and many more yo . SPG RDR KLN & ASAP MOB are both Dope as fuck . like off of the best track Rocky and SPG has keep it G , chase infinite says “FUCK THE BULLSHIT MY NIGGA” . FUCK THE BEEF A$AP !

  • fuxkthefuxkniggas

    Raider klan a bunch a fuck niggas on. They be pumpin like they mean muggin but they ain’t shit. A$AP!! Better fucken recognize that shit right there nigga

    • GroovyKal

      You’re a little late…

  • anon

    All i can read in these tweets is “nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga g nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga”

  • AsvpBrandon

    Fuck radier klan fuck spaceghostpurrp fuck you

  • CJ

    The beat do sound like spaceghostpurrp tho