Fuck Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator is the leader of California’s OFWGKTA collective, the teens who have come virtually out of nowhere to achieve notoriety on your favorite blogs and even the likes of Rolling Stone. Tyler is a hilarious dude whose production is dense and whose voice is grizzly. His delivery is razor sharp. Frequent topics in songs are growing up without a dad, raping girls, worshiping the devil, and smoking/snorting drugs. Oddly enough, though he’s Atheist and grew up a Bastard, Tyler has never smoked weed (though his circle is renowned potheads) and doesn’t drink. and most likely hasn’t raped a girl.

He is however severely asthmatic and appears to be incredibly hyperactive/A.D.D. Regular tweets run the gamut from “I AM A UNICORN” to “STOP EATING DAD OUT, MOM” to “JUSTIN BIEBER WILL BE FROM OFWGKTA.” make sure to follow him as he provides the most color on anyone’s timeline. get familiar

here are some of the best recorded Tyler, The Creator moments:
Tyler, The Creator – Splatter
Tyler, The Creator – Seven
Tyler, The Creator – VCR/Wheels
Tyler, The Creator – Blow
MellowHype – Fuck The Police (ft. Tyler, The Creator)
Tyler, The Creator – Inside Of Clouds

for more from Tyler and Odd Future, check OddFuture.com

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hit the jump for video for “VCR” and “French.” and it’s still fuck 2dopeboyz.


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  • Shango!ZeropoinT.


  • Austin hooten

    eat a dick u fuckin fags if u dont like tyler the creator kill ur self o and fuck u marc ass bitch. OFWGKTA

    • http://mostlyjunkfood.com marc (mostlyjunkfood.com)

      are you dense as fuck???? did you only read the title? that’s his twitter handle you stupid ass

    • Asdf

      damn you are one dumbfuck; songs are gettin to you bro

  • David


    • Skhighler

      sayin that ain’t cool? you know him “worshipping” the “devil” is just as stupid as you “worshipping” “god”….damn you’re a moron….is there a difference? oh cuz gods “good” its okay? alright that makes sense. TYLER THE CREATOR IS THE SHIIIIIT BIIIIIOOOTCH

      • Monster Freak69

         but why wud u worship anyone whos evil?

        • Ishbruno

          Why would you worship someone good? Cause you fucking want to, that’s what he’s about. Do what you want and fuck normality.

          • Charlie

            lol, you young, naive, rebellious little fuckers.  

          • fuckingjesus

            Because its good to be a good fucking person you dipshits, i say fuck religion too, but at least people who worship good idols are good people who would help you if they saw you in harm, instead of kick you while your down. Fuck people who are evil, and fuck tyler.

    • zoey

      I agree

  • Lildra

    fuck you you said jerkin gay

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1073492197 Danica Roberts

    I’m a squiggle.
    You don’t know what that is?
    Then you’re not from the same zoo as me!!

  • Cpc2010

    he can’t rap, only reason he’s gettin buzz is b/c his music’s controversial. other than that who gives a shit.

    • http://twitter.com/Zil_Go_BANANAS Keenan Love

      If you can’t understand the wordplay, and poetic devices that he uses, AND the stories he tells in the songs that he has, your dumb ass doesn’t need to be listening to it simple ass. 


      • mary page

        listen dumb ass the personal attacks are not working for you so please shut the fuck up and the literary devises are understood its that he publicized problematic situations. ITS A FUCKING BIAS

  • Adrienne Turnock

    tyler the creator is inventive and disruptive. thats what makes his genius glow more than anything. 

  • Tyler The Creator, Bitches

    Tyler The Creator DOES NOT worship the devil , dumb asses -___- ,, he just DONT fuck with god :)

  • Tehdank

    dudes gonna get old quick. he had a hit of Yonkers, Big deal. He doesn’t deserve the respect as an artist cause his tracks sound like 30 min productions.

    • Freddy80

      listen to all of his shit, in my opinion  ‘yonkers’ wasnt even that great compared to all of his other genius, lyrically amazing tracks … listen to all his track then make a judgment on him … if you don’t like him or get him … then your normal … your part of the social norm because tylers about fucking with your preconceived ideas of sociality 

  • Cormister530

    I fuck dolphiins.

  • Axel

    I love you haters so much, fans are good, of course but haters are the ones fueling the artist and i really want Tyler to keep doing what he does. Tyler’s the man! 666

    • zoey

      to me u need Jesus

  • Aaronferdin940

    StFU You Fuvking Religious Fucks Yall Are All Fucking Queers Goda A Fag Think About It What The Fuck Has He Done For Not One On Thing Yah Keep Thinking You Dont Tutn On Your Television To Fuvking Angels Talking To People And Shit I Flip It On And It Goes To Demons Possesing Prople And Evil Shit ButFuck Yall Im A Devil Worshipper And Tyler Is A Fucking Beast Leave Him AloneIf Yall Got So Many Fucking Comments And Shit Goe Fucking Ask Him Urself And Atop Asking So Many Dumbass Questions Damn All Ypu Fuvking God Worshipers Can Go Suvk Pimple Covered Dicks !(; OFWGKTA Niigas Golf Wang Tripple Six Crew Wolf Gang Niggas ! Oh And He Dont Make Horrocore You Fucking Idiots Listen Deeper Into The Music Before You Put Ot In The Box I Just Wanna Kill And Torture All You Fucking Relious Bitches Dude Forrral One Day ! & If God Is RealWouldent He Be Helping In All Thr Bad Shits Thats Going On But Sorry Hes Not Real Guys Pray To Him All You Want Hes Not Gunna Help You Well Bye Had To Post My Opinion 7(!(; OFWGKTA T6C GE WG Niggas

    • emily

      this my m y guess ,I think u.don’t believe in God because u don’t see and u.tried praying to him and didn’t happen the way u want it

  • chris p.

    tyler’s twitter is fucking hilarious imo 

  • Fuck sus

    Fuck that sus bitch, says he was poor and shit, whines about his dad. Bitch, I have no money and no dad and you cant see me whining on social media. If you understand how it is being poor, why are you selling tshirts for fucking 80 euros? You are a fucking dick to your fans and I fucking hate how you think that you rule the fucking world. Fuck you and your sus ass squad. Earl is the only real motherfucker there. Lucky motherfuckers

  • zoey

    apparently u guys r not appreciating what God has given u guys because u guys r worshipping the devil and it is not one time when the devil gives u what you need and the last time I checked God was the one who created us human beings and the world so the people so if u are worshipping the devil please tell me what made u decide to choose the devil’s side cuz I know for sure that he didn’t do not one damn thing for yo ass.