MP3: Follow Me – “Somethin’ Bout You”

May 31, 2013 No comments yet


 Follow Me is NYC based production duo Joe Spagna and Anthony Vertullo created a gives-her-chills kind of song in the funky “Somethin’ Bout You.” It’s R&B tied up in terrestrial electronics to create the grooviest dance jam that ever was, which is probably why Heavy Roc just scooped them up to their label. Also, they remixed TLC’s “Unpretty” so you know they have an ear for good music and a talent for remixing.

Also, Heavy Roc will give $5 (in internet high-fives) to any of you R&B-heads that can guess the vocal sample on the song – Guesses? Tweet them so they know it’s real @HeavyRoc and tell them your favorite @mostlyjunkfood sent you.

Listen and get the free download of “Somethin’ Bout You”: