News: Blu and ScHoolboy Q Twitter Beef

ScHoolboy Q

Two Storify posts in one day? Yes. Calling this beef for link baiting? Yes.

Blu thought ScHoolboy Q dissed him on Gangsta in Designer and decided to inquire further to clear the air. ScHoolboy Q, in usual ScHoolboy Q fashion, messed with Blu. Pretty funny stuff. Blu should have just read Rap Genius and saved himself some embarrassment. Read their entire exchange below… even Mac Miller hopped in to join in on the fun.

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  • Jireland88

    Blu si still better than Q by a lot.

    • Activist

       Tooo bad he ain’t eatin

      • Faaaaaaaagot

        Hey activisit no one gives a shit about “eatin” bitch. I could  make the same shitty music and eat all i want. If you haven’t noticed Blu ain’t a sellout like Schoolboy Q. Way to recycle a joke bitch


          guess your not eatin either, huh?

    • Sirknight74

      fuck off stupid bitch!!!!

  • marc heilbrunn

    2 story times, 1 day?

  • Dyke45

    This is kinda embarrassing.. Blu is still my dude though.

  • Lopes

    If we’re being completely honest with ourselves Schoolboy Q might as well also be called; Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Lil Wayne, 2Chainz….etc. Least Blu ain’t on that “same shit, different day” stuff everyone else is on. 

    • Teena’s Daughter


  • Alex Dreyer

    Ahhh reading this is like watching a homie hit on a girl and get shot down. You want to look away but you just have to watch. You want to bomb laugh in his grill but you’re embarrassment for him takes over and you end up just cheering him up with a shot of whiskey. I’m sure that’s what Blu is doing right now, drowning his embarrassment in a bottle of cheap whiskey. 

    • Klashass

      emphasis on “cheap”…poor mf.

  • SS42

    pretty sad this dude had to throw CH into this, such a low blow, dude has had serious mental issues and not to mention Charles was one of the first ppl to help Q’s bff Kendrick get some buzz

    • S-OLO

      How did he help Kendrick? Kdot was at a concert and stepped up when CH asked if anybody rapper and then he ATE THE FUCKING MIC

  • IndigoAiir

    blu is a dickhead.

  • Aballallday821

    this all seems fake to me. like theyre just fucking with people (blogs)

  • Lifted

    damn blu came out lookin like a BITCH

  • ScHoolboyIsABitchNigga

    You blog whores are funny as shit, blogging about irrelevant shit tryna get views? I agree that was kinda stupid on Blu’s part but you faggots tryna blow this shit outta proportion need to know one thing: There will never be another Blu and never be anyone stepping in his league. Ain’t no one leaving an impact on the world like Blu did. Go praise your fatass talentless rappers. ScHoolboy Q is trash. No one gives a fuck if he’s “eatin”. You can live without money cars and bitches, I thought Blu has made it clear that money ain’t his motto. ScHoolboy bitch niga, why you acting so tough bruh? What you gonna knock Blu out? The fatass know damn well he ain’t doin shit but smoking all day and fucking groupie hoes. Get real.

    Oh and one more thing where this faggot jew mac miller came from? Who said that midget was relevant? Stick to a fast food joint job you faggot, no one takes you seriously.

    • marc heilbrunn

      shyne is that you?

  • Youareallfaggots

    Q said “what u gon do??” what my dude you gna knock Blu out bruh? Naw, you YOU gnna do my dude? Slap him with your titties or..? Blu is twice you’re size homie. Check yourself BITCH

    • marc heilbrunn

      where are your parents

  • WatDaFuckIsWrongWitYoFaceNigga

    Dam Q clowned him. Some sad shit. Blu just had to ask for the niggas phone number. But instead he had to take that shit to twitter. Smh

  • lmaooooo

    this guy putting his own tweets on there like people read that shit, lmao

    • marc heilbrunn

      laughing my ass oooooooooooof