Stream: Bora York – “Open Tales”

January 23, 2013 No comments yet

bora york open tales

As someone who grew up in Chicago, I have a lot of Midwest pride. We have John Hughes, deep dish pizza (Lou Malnati’s <3) and Michael Jordan. Also from the Midwest is Bora York. Started by 24-year old Chris Bartels, the band is now six members, including his wife Rebekah who lends her strong vocals and melodies to the band’s indie-pop sound. With tracks made up of “large synth-driven orchestration, deep ambient textures, and personal stories,” Bora York’s tunes are headphone magic. See what the Midwest has to offer and listen to “Open Tales” below and of course, find more Bora York on their SoundCloud.

Bonus: Also check out the very soothing “Close Your Eyes”